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By Paul Nichols
Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Departments at HackensackUMC presented the Hackensack Police Department with 120 Tourniquets– one for each police officer - during Tuesday’s Mayor and Council Meeting. 
“There are certain things that really save lives and one of them are tourniquets,” said Benjamin Zabar, M.D., Medical Director of HackensackUMC Emergency Medical Services. “These are devices that may save the life of an officer or allow an officer to save the life of another officer or civilian,” he added.
Team members from HackensackUMC who attended the council meeting to present the tourniquets included Benjamin Zabar, M.D., Medical Director, HackensackUMC Emergency Medical Services, John LoCurto, M.D., associate chief, Trauma/Surgical Critical Care & Injury Prevention, Michelle Kobayashi, Administrative Director, Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Community Operations and Ron Spethmann, Manager, Emergency Medical Services.
The Hackensack Police Department will be the first department to receive the tourniquets from HackensackUMC.  Beginning May 5, other nearby police departments will also receive tourniquet donations.

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